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Social Media & Cloud Integration

A Prompter That Listens

Free yourself from the constraints of third party controls or on a set timer.  Intuitively control the scrolling speed with the sound of your own natural voice. Voice Prompt listens and reacts no matter what language and without internet connectivity

Video Recording

Record video in 16:9  regardless of the orientation and from either one of the iPad’s cameras. Enabling you to capture your presentation with the front camera or as a scripted voice-over shooting with the rear camera.


Voice Activated Prompting

Let go of those third party controls and having to keep up with preset scrolling speed. Like having an actual prompter operator, using voice prompting mode will automatically scroll your script when it hears you speak via the microphone, naturally and at your own pace. This lets you focus on delivering a strong and professional presentation without fumbling with distraction.


Cloud Support

Import and export your videos and scripts directly to and from Box, Google Drive, and dropbox directly through a wifi connection or through cellular data when in the field.


Video Recording

We understand that having a great prompter just isn’t enough. In the past, you would typically need an additional microphone and seperate video equipment to record yourself, costing thousands of dollars. So we utilized the capability of Apple’s multi-camera iPad,  bringing everything together in one easy-to-use application that saves time and is extremely cost effective.


Social Sharing

We understand that time is money, and getting your video out to social media should be the easiest of all tasks. Thats why Voice Prompt directly posts to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.


Dial in the scrolling speed, adjust the mic sensitivity,  choose the amount of focus shading, and even set a timer.


Select the additional closing time for an unscripted closing or as a bumper for external editing. Once a recording or practicing, just read out-loud and the script will begin to scroll automatically, pause and the scrolling will pause, its that simple.


Socially share to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo for immediate broadcast or upload the video to your favorite cloud storage service for a later use.

Practice Mode

As they always say, practice makes perfect. Get the best performance by warming up and doing dry-runs of your script. This will not only familiarize yourself with the script, but you will immediately know if you need to make edits, or if you may need to format the text to give visual cues to help pronunciation or emphasizing to invoke specific viewer emotions .

Script Editing

Within the right arrow menu, you will find our script editor, a no-frills solution to on-the-go compositions, editing, and formatting. You can also edit a script, quickly by pressing and holding one finger down on text in the prompter screen. A menu will display, allowing you to not only select, select all, copy, paste but we also gave you  the ability to format text for visual cues and to make quick edits.

Camera Selection

Take full advantage of both HD cameras on the iPad. The front camera is perfect for when you are recording yourself presenting your scripted material. Additionally, you can use the rear camera for when your reading your script while shooting third-party subject matter.

Camera Preview

We give you a video preview window that displays either camera so you can frame your shots and see how your presenting. Of course to eliminate any distractions, you can modify the size of the window or even shut it off.

Mic Sensitivity

Compensate for your distance from the iPad by adjusting how sensitive the mic is to sound. Slide to the left or right to reduce or increase the mic’s sensitivity to decibels.

Scrolling Speed

Adjust the scrolling speed of your script once Voice Prompt hears your voice. This will help to compensate for your pace.

Timed Prompting

Sometimes you need to make sure your presentation is completed within a certain time or you could find yourself in a noisy environment. That’s why we kept the traditional prompting method alive and well to help you record anywhere and at any time.

Focus Shading

Focus your attention to the center of the screen by shading out the top and lower thirds of the prompter screen. This can be extremely helpful for novice presenters who could loose their place easily when the prompter is advancing. This feature can be adjusted within the left arrow menu.

"It's a simplistic solution that not only helps you present well, but it records you simultaneously and can posts directly to social media. All on the go, brilliant!"

− Jayson Jimenez, Artisan NY Productions

"As a video professional, I wanted simplify everything needed to professionally present, record, and socially share your videos from the field, office, or in the comfort of your own home, all in one app."

− Christopher Yin, Inventor & Founder

"VOICE PROMPT makes it easy and extremely affordable to record scripted video content practically anywhere."

− Lauren Shuke, Princeton Design Firm

"We hope this app will help anyone present professionally while creating video content on the go."

− Hasan Alchemy - Co-Founder

What will you present today?

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Gesture Short-Cuts

Start, pause, and stop your session, at any time by, pressing and holding down all three fingers. Swipe up or down with one finger to roll your script forward and backward, even when in a recording session. Press and hold one finger down on the prompter screen to make quick edits and formatting.


Import your scripts from Voice Prompt,  Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box accounts.  Additionally, export your scripts, as well as your videos to the same cloud services.

Social Media Integration

Post directly to Facebook, upload to YouTube, and Vimeo in just a few clicks.

Rear Camera Lighting

Use the flash from the rear facing camera for low light conditions when recording with the rear camera.

Font Sizes

Choose from three display font sizes, small, medium, and large. Small and medium sizes are recommended when holding the iPad vertically.

Video Archives

View, rename or delete your recorded videos. Likewise, share your favorite video with Facebook, upload to Vimeo or YouTube, and copy the video directly to the iPads camera roll when the video is too large for mobile upload.


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